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 Mod Job

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PostSubject: Mod Job   Sat Feb 06, 2010 2:29 am

1 Name - Matthew
2 Age - 15
3 Expierience - Yes
4 Mod or Admin? - MOd
5 Where do you live? - Atlanta, Georgia
6 How long would you play? - Probably about 2-6 hours a day.
7 Would you abuse your powers? - No
8 Why should we select you?- I have had experience in Moderation as well as admin on runescape as well as other retro games such as habbo. I will devote my time to the game, and i will never abuse my powers. I have a very extream knowledge of runescape, and will try to keep this retro connected to runescape.

Thank -- hornets09
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Mod Job
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