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PostSubject: Moderator App   Tue Jun 09, 2009 1:33 am

Well Ill start with first how I came to Eclipse I was searching on youtube then I saw a video then I looked in discription I was the link to here so I searched it so then I was kinda down when the server wasnt up yet so I saw that you were hiring staff I thought I could do it cause I had Mod experience with a different retro It was a retro called Habboteen yeah I know what your thinking "Habbo sucks"
anyways Ill list reason why you could hire me.

1.Like I said I already have Mod experience Smile

2.I will be active almost everyday

3.I will not abuse my Rights as Moderator

4.I will sort out players arguements

5.I will be loyal and respect others

I hope this is good enough to be apart of the team Neutral

Ps The Habboteen hotel is down so dont even bother searching for the hotel
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PostSubject: Re: Moderator App   Fri Sep 11, 2009 9:25 am

Please choose me to be a mod / admin. (Prefferably Admin) I have had expierience in exditing servers as well. I have had expirience to the highest level. I am a mod on runescape, I was co-leader of Cheatskape & HakScape. I have been a mod in over 5 servers. I have also been an admin for BarrowScape, MatScape, AllGo4Free, and DarkScape. I will do whatever it takes to fulfill whatever this site needs. I will not abuse my powers; Nor will I use them as blackmail or as a threat. I am extremely trustworthy, loyal, friendly, generous, and fun. Here's some info.

1 Name - Alex
2 Age - 15
3 Expierience - Yes
4 Mod or Admin? - Admin
5 Where do you live? - London, England
6 How long would you play? - Probably about 2-8 hours a day.
7 Would you abuse your powers? - No
8 Why should we select you? - I explained in the description above.

I hope this helps you decide whether or not to select me for a mod or admin.
*This application was thought of by me. I did not copy & paste from anywhere else.*
(Yes, I have a life. I just have a lot of free time to kill.)
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